Groundbreaker Work Pants

Now Available! 

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If new to Kickstarter, think of it like a grown-up version of a school fundraiser. You buy the popcorn for a good cause, pay, and then receive your product soon after. Only difference here is that our "popcorn" are purpose-built work pants for hardworking women and the funds we receive will pay for our production costs.


Crafted for women who enjoy hard-won accomplishments, the Groundbreaker Work Pant by TOUGHER forges new ground in apparel built to protect hardworking women. 

Lightweight Durability & Unrestricted Movement

With lab-tested strength on par with heavyweight canvas pants from brands like Carhartt, our lightweight, breathable work pants weigh over 1lb less- resulting in less work fatigue and increased performance.

Climbing crawling, and crouching is limited only to what your body can do thanks to the cut of our pants (fit), its custom stretch fabric, and gusseted crotch.

Built for the Wet Climates like the Pacific Northwest

Here in Oregon, we know rain very well. Wet climate warriors will smile as they walk through tall, wet grass or misty job sites and watch water bead off their pants thanks to our water resistance (DWR) finish. 


Available inseam: 32 inches*

*Note: if we meet our initial fundraising goal on Kickstarter, additional inseam sizes and colors will become available for purchase.